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the horror!

245 trioxin
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a community for classic horror/sci fi, silent film, and cult movie fans!
a clockwork orange, alfred hitchcock, bad taste, beast of yucca flats, bela lugosi, black sabbath, black sunday, boris karloff, bride of frankenstein, bride of the monster, cabinet of dr. caligari, children of the damned, christopher lee, cinematography, claude rains, conrad veidt, cult films, dario argento, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, death culture, desperate living, devil bat, diabolique, dracula, ed wood, elsa lanchester, elvira, fay wray, federico fellini, frankenhooker, freaks, french new wave, fritz lang, fu manchu, full metal jacket, george romero, german expressionism, godzilla, gore, gummo, guy maddin, h.g. wells, hammer films, herschell gordon lewis, hills have eyes, invisible man, italian horror, japanese horror, jean luc goddard, john agar, john barrymore, john waters, king kong, lon chaney, london after midnight, lucio fulci, m, mad monster party, maria ouspenskaya, mario bava, meet the feebles, metropolis, mexican horror, michael berryman, new jersey, nosferatu, omega man, orgy of the dead, peter jackson, peter lorre, phantom of the opera, photography, pink flamingos, planet of the apes, return of the fly, roman polanski, russ meyer, sharon tate, she demons, sid and nancy, silent films, son of frankenstein, soylent green, the blob, the mole people, the mummy, the thing, them!, thx 1138, tod browning, tor johnson, toxic avenger, troma, tromeo and juliet, vampira, vampire women, vincent price, voodoo, weird new jersey, white zombie, william castle, zombie flicks